These short videos show all the steps needed to get ‘selfie-measured’. If you have any problem using the system please write to

NOTE: Since most phone cameras generate big size photos, we recommend to submit the changes on the ‘selfies’ page every one or two pictures. Uploading several photos at a time, may cause your browser to stop the process if the mobile connection isn’t fast enough.

Chest, Waist Hips.

Wear the fitting jacket and take one picture for each of the three adjustments on the front. Once done click submit.


Adjust the shoulder button to make the seam fall on top of the ‘edge’ of the shoulder, not on the arm.

Arms, Biceps.

Move the zipper up and down to adjust the allowance. To make sure your bicep will fit comfortably, take the picture while holding a weight with your arm bent.

Sleeve Length.

Roll up the sleeve cuff once or twice. The Cuff edge should sit on the middle of the back of the hand, while the arm is straight along the body. Once done with this step, don’t forget to submit the update.