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For more information, visit Manstery on Kickstarter or at Manstery.com.

U.S. press contact: PR@Manstery.com or +1 929.255.4714

International press contact: Global@Manstery.com

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New York Start-Up Revolutionizing Menswear, Customizable Luxury Accessible to Everyone.

New York, NY – December 11, 2015 – Manstery launches a new shirt collection using a ground-breaking technology to make customizable luxury accessible to everyone. It goes on sale today on Kickstarter with shirts starting at $170 each.

The New York-based start-up is the first company to offer online made-to-measure clothing of luxury quality with a perfect fit and customizable features. Manstery sees this as an opportunity to revolutionize the menswear industry by providing customers interested in high-quality garments with a durable, sustainable, and ethical alternative at a fraction of the market price.

“True made-to-measure clothing starts with precise body measurements. Each piece is individually cut for the perfect fit and carefully assembled with the highest standards. A customer looking for this kind of product must have a first-class tailor, pay a premium price, and wait weeks for the final product,” says Graziano Meloni, Founder and CEO. “We set out to give everyone access to a personal tailor and luxury products at a more affordable price and faster delivery time.”

Manstery created a patent-pending system which allows customers to take their measurements without the need of any technical skill. The Selfie-Measurement System allows anyone to get measured with a guaranteed accuracy of within one quarter of an inch in seconds with virtually no possibility of errors. Testers include individuals of over one hundred body shapes and sizes who were able to receive their product in as little as one week.

The company combines nearly three decades of experience in the made-to-measure industry. Simone Olibet, Creative Director and Master Tailor, follows the traditions and techniques that are behind the most elaborate made-to-measure creations. Meloni teamed up with Olibet to design and develop the technology in 2013, and they started Manstery in New York two years later.

The collection is comprised of 15 shirt designs. Each shirt is handcrafted in Italy from extra-fine Italian cottons and Australian mother-of-pearl buttons. Features include customizable collar, cuff, button, and thread options. Manstery’s shirts come with a three-point guarantee: that the fit is perfect or they remake it; that the collars and cuffs look new after a year or they replace them; and, that the seams and buttons last for life or they repair them.

Manstery’s collection goes on pre-sale today on Kickstarter with shirts starting at $170 each, a market value of over $500. Expected delivery is February 2016. Gift certificates are available for the holidays.

Print-Pasley-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Princeofwales-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Lavander-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Blue-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Denim-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure LightBlue-Oxford-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Blue-pinstripe-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Blue-check-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Flannel-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Red-pinstripe-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Black-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure White-Popelin-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure Tuxedo-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure White-Oxford-LR-Manstery-collection-2016-italian-made-to-measure

Manstery is a high-end American fashion company developed in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Based in New York, the start-up uses a ground-breaking technology to make customizable luxury made-to-measure accessible to everyone. Manstery combines two elements the company values most in their work: Man and Mastery. For the start-up, that means being able to help everyone express their identity and pursue perfection.